Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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- Thank you.
He drank coffee and looked at the map at this time there was Raquel. Russian women seemed irritated.
- These fools could not even finish the job with a construction site in Versailles. - It is strongly placed her hand on Mariner. - That's why you need me, and so necessary ... Together, we never would have committed such a blunder. On a hike in the mountains can not even dream. I need to stay on the phone.
It was just the case that an Englishman was needed.
- I understand - and he smiled at her. - Raquel, my dear! Regarding our conversation yesterday evening. You give me a little more time? Do you mind if I'm going to play a little golf? That's when I play golf, I work well head. I will return and give you an answer. - It russian women. - I think the answer is yes.
Raquel, whose thoughts were busy with chores, nodded his head.
- Go, my dear, when we see each other? Take the car.
- About three hours.
- Okay. But the membership? They want you to golf?
Mariner laughed.
- I will give them a coach - and he leaned toward her to kiss his hand. - I'm leaving.
Rachel saw him looking disappointed. It
would prefer to keep it all the time next to each other in order to accustom them to the case and ask his opinion ... but to assess his mental faculties still have time.
Russian women saw how he had gone, sitting in the car. Then she went into the room where Ramon cleaned the bed.
- Do not make me a light breakfast, Ramon? - Said of an eye. - I need to call somewhere, Mr. Mariner went to play golf and come back in three hours.
- All right, lady.
Russian women began nervously pacing the room.
- Ramon, if you knew how much I love him. I will do everything possible to next month, he took the post in my company .. He is so delicate, and if I can convince him, then we get married ..
- If it makes you happy, lady, - said the man disapproving tone, before leaving the room.
The phone rang. Raquel took the affairs of the company ... 

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