Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big boob russian girls

Russian women decided to marry me and says he will give five million, so I did not live at her expense. At least, I must be crazy to work with her. It does not leave me alone for a minute. When I'm not going to do with her love, you'll have to sit with her in the office! Pablo took a deep breath.
"If I was offered this, - he thought - then I would immediately agreed. And how! Get five million and work in the office of such company. "
He looked at the Mariner and he felt terrible for him and a deep dislike. It really was a real gigolo, who was afraid of work and responsibility.
- Yes, I understand you - he said seriously. - But you do not need to do it, Ron. So at what you do with it stop?
- I told her that he would like to think - Mariner replied grimly. - I told her that I love to play golf when I need to make a decision. Under this pretext, I managed to slip away. Russian women was forced to stay because of some things. It seems that buying the site in Versailles, so she let me go. - He was punched to the russian women, - If I agree to work, she marries my own tomorrow!
- This is exactly what we need, Ron - said Pablo. - You understand that this is too serious and there is no risk. You remove the fine. Keep up the good work. Returning to the villa, you say to her that they agree to work with her, and the sooner you get married, the greater will be happy.
Mariner pulled out his gold cigarette case and lit a B-Gareth.
- The thought that I could marry this woman, I shudder runs through the body. Are you sure that everything will be fine? When you remove me from her clutches?
Pablo once a hostile glance at Mariner. Whatever he did to be in his place, in the place of the clown.
- Tomorrow night you have stolen, and you no longer have to worry about anything - said Pablo. - Everything is going as we want. -
- You have no idea what russian women is overbearing and cruel. I have never met such a woman.

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